MAYbe the best month so far…?

So, May is turning out to be pretty rockin’ so far. Last weekend I played my first ever Dublin gig in The Pint, which was run by Timebomb sessions. I got a great reception there, and met some lovely people. I hope to play Dublin again soon. The following day, I played an hour long set at Open Source ( in Belfast as part of the CQAF.

This was a really lovely gig – but I was SO nervous! Weirdly, not so much nervous about playing, more about talking in between. I got to cover one of my favourite songs though – Flag Me Down by Katie and the carnival. Katie was there, so she sang some harmonies – very surreal. On a down note, I also had my phone stolen 😦 So I am phoneless for a few days – turns out that’s wile annoying…

Then on Monday I played as part of Beat n Drum samba band for our annual marathon celbration at The Pavillion. It was such a nice day – felt great to have an extra day off work and spend it playing music and hanging out with friends.

I have more news coming up, but that’s not bad for the first weekend – eh?


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