MAY the odd be in your favour…

Well, it’s been busy busy! I can’t believe how long it seems from my last post at the start of the month!!

Since my spot at Open Source, I have been doing lots of backing vocals for Katie and the Carnival; first at Radar in QUB (amazing gig with party poppers!!!) and also with KATC as support for Matt Cardle and Mishca B outside the city hall for the Lord Mayor’s Party (it rained. A LOT). Both were such good fun – I love to play as part of KATC. 

I have also (like, last night) been backing vocalising (??) to Amanda St John at her EP launch in the Black Box. It was such a fun night, and Amanda and her band have been a real inspiration to work with. 

In terms of my own gigs, I played at the Lagan Session in The Pavilion just last Sunday 26th May. A really lovely gig, very quiet and a real ‘listening’ audience (equally terrifying and also wonderful). I really enjoyed playing, and got some great feedback from the audience. It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling to hear that people enjoy what I love doing. 

I am also getting ready for an exciting gig tomorrow night in Newcastle. supporting Katie Richardson. This is run by JAM live – a great not-for-profit organisation promoting the arts in County Down. Party by the sea tomorrow!!!!

I have been working really hard getting ready to record my EPs in June – eek! I have completely suckered in a few friends/talented musicians to help me out and am ridiculously excited to hear how my songs sound with a full band!

So…it’s been busy. It’s due to get more busy….yeeehaaawww!!!


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