Change the RECORD…

I’ve been working in the studio recently, recording my EPs with Phil d’Alton (Master and Dog) and he has been fantastic to work with. As much as it’s been hard work, it’s been an absolute pleasure too. Matt Jamison (Mudblind) has done some sterling work with his drumkit and Conn Smyth (Katie and the Carnival) has blown me away with his lead guitar skills. Amy Joyce (Katie and the Carnival) has provided backing vocals and really brought everything to life. I am a very very lucky girl to be working with such amazing people!

I can’t wait to share these songs with the world. There will be a set of two EPs launched, hopefully around October/November time, showing two very different sides of my creativity and character. In the meantime, you can download and enjoy three demo tracks, which I have uploaded on bandcamp (see “Listen to Stef…” page on this site.).

Recording costs money; that makes me sad.

I really am focused on creating the best possible product for you all to enjoy, and trying to keep an eye on the pennies is frustrating! If you wanted to help fund the release of these EPs, you can do so by purchasing the demo songs listed for whatever you think they are worth.

In the meantime…back into the studio!!! woohoo!!

Pictures coming soon… 🙂


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