Summer AUGmentations

Hiya! It’s been a wee while…sorry about that. I’ve been a busy bee recording my two EPs with an awesome set of musicians, and gigging all over the place!

*******Exciting news*******

My EPs are nearly done! You can expect them in October and perhaps a little teaser track or two in the next month or so… 🙂

I’m now very happy to be working with Red Sponge Media Artist Management! We have BIG BIG plans for 2013 – 2014 including perhaps some tours…(eeeeeppp!!)

On top of all that, I played my first festival as a solo artist just today as part of Sunflowerfest in Hillsborough. I was really honoured to be playing as last year I was there as a spectator – just shows what getting off your arse and chasing a dream can do.

We’ll chat again soon….for now I need to research some CD packaging!


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