Side projects…except not on the side

I have some new things! Yay!

Two projects I have been working on recently:

3 for 3 Music is a new venture with my good friend and fell musician Amy Joyce. Three for three is a gig night which we run with three main aims:

1. To encourage new listeners and fans of NI music by having a door charge of only £3

2. To encourage networking between musicians by having less established and more established acts share a stage

3. Help audiences and fans support artists by ensuring all the money through the door goes straight to the acts on the stage

To find out more head to:

Acoustic Jukes is another project I have been working on with Sharon Young (Blackbird Blue). We have been working away creating a great set list of covers, and are available to play wedding, events, celebrations, bars, cafes, restaurant – you name it! We recently recorded a video to showcase our sound with the fab Louie Tornero-Moffit, in our local cafe Saints (an awesome awesome place).

To hear some of what we do and watch the video head to:



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