I hate having to cancel a performance. Unfortunately, because I have a stupid cold and a bad cough I’m not able to play at AER house gig tonight with Sam Wickens. Three reasons this is crap: 

1. I was really looking forward to playing live. It’s been an age since I sat in a room with music lovers and sang the songs that I wrote. I miss it, and I guess it’s only when it’s not able to happen that I realise how much I miss it.

2. I was really looking forward to hearing Sam play again. There’s a reason he’s getting lots of praise – because he’s a fantastic songwriter and performer. One of the best talents in NI at the moment. 

3. AER music is one of the best organisations around. It was one of the inspirations that Amy and I had for starting 3for3 music. Genuine appreciation of music, a genuine cause and an inspiration to say “look what we did. If you want to do something, despite adversity or doubt or uncertainty, you can do this.”  
So boo to you flu. Instead of spending an evening with music lovers and players I’ll be sat in with my equally unwell toddler and long-suffering husband, a box of tissues and maybe a film which doesn’t require too much brain-power. Bleeuurrgghh. 
Whinge over!


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